SSD VS HDD: Is the SSD Better than HDD?

It is essential to have storage devices in computers or laptops to store data and files such as SSD or HDD.

Both are the best performing storage devices and provide excellent features, make us able to store information and retrieve it quickly.

But modern computer systems or laptops come with SSD rather than HDD; it does not mean HDD is not a better device than SSD.

It depends on many factors while you are choosing which one for your computers. We will provide some information that will help you decide which one is better for you, to know more read this article.

What is common between HDD and SSD?

HDD and SSD are both storage devices and provide features for storing data files, documents, videos, music, and many more.

These storage devices also help to retrieve the stored data on our PC or laptop.

What are the distinguishing Features between HDD and SSD?

Both devices’ purpose is the same, but some differences make them different while choosing.

Which one is Faster?

While we compare the operating speed, we found HDD has a speed range from 0.1 to 1.7 MB/S, while SSD is faster and ensures you more than HDD. An SSD works at a higher speed ranges from 50 to 250 MB/S.

Which one has more storage capacity?

In the storage capacity comparison, we have found that HDD has more storage capacity than SSD.

Its parts are immovable magnetic tape and mechanical parts inside. Speed is slower than SSD but offers more storage space.

Which one has more life span?

In comparing the life span of both, we found that SSD is more durable and has an average life of more than ten years.

While the average life of the HDD is from three to five years, moving parts in the SSD make it suitable to survive in harsh conditions.

You will find SSD more durable regarding shock absorption, accidental damages, and temperature effects.

Which one can be more rewrite?

SSD storage drive can rewrite from 3000 to 100000 times during life span; after that, it could not store new data.

While the HDD has no specific rewriting number, you can rewrite HDD as many times as you want.

Which one is more expensive?

SSD is equipped with modern and advanced technological features; it is more expensive than HDD.

The average price of HDD is not more than 60 dollars in the market, while SSD’s average price starts from a minimum of 100 dollars.

Which one gives a smooth performance?

While using HDD makes noise, a faster HDD you will take more will generate noise during use.

While SSD is significantly faster than HDD but it is noise-free and gives a smooth performance than HDD.

Final Thoughts:

You have gone through the article, the purpose of the use of HDD and SSD is the same, but there are main differences between both.

HDD is a useful storage medium that ensures large storage capacity and is available at low prices, but SSD is better in performance, speed, lightweight, consumes less energy, and more durable than HDD.

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